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News for 03-Apr-24

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Down Syndrome May Not Be Big Financial Burden on Families

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Growth Charts

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Health Tip: Help Toddlers Develop Stronger Hands

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Child Deaths Highlight Choking Dangers Posed by Grapes

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Teen Violence Can Be Contagious, Study Contends

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Health Tip: If Your Child is Cyberbullied

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Some Kids' Genes Might Make Food Ads More Tempting

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Rest May Not Be Best for Kids After Concussion

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Teens May Not Heed Health Warnings on Cigars

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Used Safely, Donor Breast Milk Can Help Preemie Babies

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Take Your Meds
Most people skip taking their medication at certain times, this is bad for your health. Look to Take Your Meds on time and
Take Your Meds

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Control Of Your Allergies

 by: News Canada

(NC)-For some people, allergies are a seasonal condition, recurring for several weeks at the same time period each year. This condition is called seasonal allergic rhinitis. In the spring pollen levels rise as trees and flowers begin to bloom causing sneezing, runny nose, itchy watery eyes and nasal congestion. For others, these allergy symptoms are a daily nuisance that can occur throughout the year, a condition known as perennial allergic rhinitis.

Fortunately, you don't have to be a helpless victim to these seasonal or perennial allergic symptoms. Here are certain lifestyle changes recommended by the allergy experts at Claritin that can help you reduce your symptoms and control your allergy: (box text under Lifestyle Changes

  • Keep pets out of the bedroom or even outdoors if possible.

  • Replace your humidifier, vaccum cleaner and furnace filters often.

  • Wash bedding weekly, place zipped covers over matresses, box springs and pillows.

  • Remove dust collectors, such as carpeting, old drapes and overstuffed furniture.

  • Avoid cigarette smoking in the house.

  • Remove house plants that may be a source of mould and dust mites.

  • During pollen season, close the windows of your home in late afternoon and on hot, dry, windy days.

  • Schedule outdoor activities for late afternoon or evening when pollen release is at its lowest.

  • Non-sedating antihistamines can help you reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and let you perform normally. Make sure to look for the words "non-drowsy" on the package to ensure that it's a non-sedating medication.

  • Keep informed of pollen levels in your area when planning outdoor activities or to pre-treat your allergy by tuning in to the Claritin Pollen Forecast every 28 minutes past the hour on the Weather Network.

For more information on how to control allergies this season call 1-800-665-1507 or visit

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