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News for 03-Apr-24

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Baby Crib Ads Show Unsafe Practices, Study Says

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Health Tip: If Your Child is Cyberbullied

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The French Paradox

 by: Simon Mitchell

The French, in terms of diet and disease, are a statistical enigma. They relish high fat food, consume alcohol regularly and often smoke - the very picture of the World Health Organisation's 'risk group'. High protein, meat based meals include duck, goose and pork - even cooked in fat as a preference! Butter, cream, pork fat and wine are regular ingredients.

Yet they have comparatively low rates of stomach and colon cancer and the second-lowest world incidence of heart disease after Japan. 'The French Paradox' is well known to nutritionists and reasons for this statistical enigma are emerging.

One of their pet names for the English is 'Les Ros Bif', in reference to the traditional overcooked Sunday roast dinner. French cooking is much lighter than British, leaving many of the valuable nutrients in the food, rather than throwing them out with the pan water. The French relish their food and eat widely, they often take the trouble to prepare meals from fresh, home-grown, organic produce, meaning they get more minerals and nutrients from food.

They also mix food elements to compliment each other, from a very wide base of ingredients that change with the seasons. High protein dishes are accompanied by generous salads and nutritious, easily assimilated soups are popular. Dried broad beans and chick peas are also part of winter staples, adding anti-oxidant beans and pulses to a wide diet. It is a well celebrated fact that the French eat everything!

Polyphenols in red wine and the intelligent French use of herbs in cooking help to break down fats in the food and aid digestion. Alcohol licensing laws in France also mean that they tend not to 'binge drink' as much as countries with more restrictive licensing laws. The anti-oxidant properties of red wine in its moderate but steady intake are a contributing factor to French health.

Research in McDonalds restaurants in France also reveals interesting evidence. It was found in America that the average time it took a person to consume a burger was 11 minutes. In France this doubled to 22 minutes. In France eating is often a cultural and family activity. They take their time eating and conversation is an important part of sharing food. They make eating into a quality time. The French diet is 'Epicurean' compared to the American 'convenience' diet, where cheap, snack food is widely available wherever you go. The car centred culture of America also means its inhabitants sometimes lack exercise.

The French have an attitude to eating that is not fixated on health or medicalising food, just simple enjoyment of wholesome and fresh ingredients prepared well. People in rural France often value the whole process of food from growing it right through to preparing and eating. It is no surprise that internationally known French phrases include such as 'Bon appetit' or 'Joi de vivre'.

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Simon Mitchell

This is an extract from 'Don't Get Cancer'a new ebook available only at:'tget1.html

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