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News for 23-Jan-22

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Rest May Not Be Best for Kids After Concussion

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Baby Crib Ads Show Unsafe Practices, Study Says

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Some Kids' Genes Might Make Food Ads More Tempting

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Teen Violence Can Be Contagious, Study Contends

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Health Tip: Help Toddlers Develop Stronger Hands

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Child Deaths Highlight Choking Dangers Posed by Grapes

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Health Tip: If Your Child is Cyberbullied

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Used Safely, Donor Breast Milk Can Help Preemie Babies

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Teens May Not Heed Health Warnings on Cigars

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
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Take Your Meds
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Take Your Meds

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The Important of Health Insurance

 by: Paul Palatnik

Millions of Americans are uninsured and with the elections coming up, it seems like it is a new issue but it has been an issue for sometime now.

Acquiring health insurance in the United States is very important and every individual or family should have some type of coverage weather it be through a state program or ant other type of health coverage such as PPO's, HMO's, Indemnity Plans, etc.

An individual or family should consider that even a policy with a high deductible, paying a low monthly premium is worth acquiring, even if it seems it wont do much for you.

A day in the ER could cost you anywhere between 2,000 to 8,000 dollars on average.

Online sites where you can purchase health insurance and search and compare plans are or

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