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News for 11-Jul-21

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Health Tip: If Your Child is Cyberbullied

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Down Syndrome May Not Be Big Financial Burden on Families

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Teens May Not Heed Health Warnings on Cigars

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Health Tip: Help Toddlers Develop Stronger Hands

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Teen Violence Can Be Contagious, Study Contends

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Baby Crib Ads Show Unsafe Practices, Study Says

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Growth Charts

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Some Kids' Genes Might Make Food Ads More Tempting

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Rest May Not Be Best for Kids After Concussion

Source: MedicineNet Kids Health General
Used Safely, Donor Breast Milk Can Help Preemie Babies

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On Keeping Hormones Balanced As Men Age

 by: News Canada

  • Help balance estrogen and testos-terone by lowering insulin levels. Sweet treats such as cookies, chocolate and pop cause insulin levels to spike and send hormones out of balance. Avoid sugar and salt cravings and reach for more ripe fruits, leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

  • Stress hormones deplete testosterone levels. To help increase testosterone levels and reduce stress hormones, start each day with greens+™, a balanced formula of 23 vitamins, minerals, organic and nutrient-rich foods. This will help promote mental clarity and balance moods.

  • Eat more soy products such as soy beans to help regulate estrogen and modulate testosterone production. The nutritional supplement greens+ also contains a healthy dose of soy lecithin to help keep hormone levels balanced.

  • Do plenty of weight-resistance exercises - the earlier in the day the better - since this will help stimulate testosterone production. Alternate these exercises with walking or cycling.

  • Try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. This will help increase the body's level of melatonin, the hormone that produces a relaxing, calming affect and signals our "morning mood."

    For more information about greens+, call 1-877-500-7888, or visit the web site at www.greenspluscanada.com.

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